Best Veggies Team


Best Veggies Team
Based in Bristol (UK), Galicia and Seville (Spain)

Founding date:
June 2015


Press / Business contact:


Best Veggies

62 Hampton Park
Bristol, United Kingdom

+00 (44)596119822


We're the friends behind the game Best Veggies. We all have previous experience in game making and this is our first collaboration together.


On a windy day a mail was sent. As it usually happens in this industry, a common friend introduces two strangers. This was last June, and barely 4 months after, the now group of four developers is publishing a game. Truly a story of indie collaboration and passion for game making!

As we were so focused on making a game together, we haven’t even thought of a name for ourselves. All the team members have previous experience in their fields and game making, covering Programming, Art, Game Design, Sound fx and Music.

As for the rest, we’ll just let Best Veggies speak for us. Go check the project.


Best Veggies

Become an organic farmer and harvest fields riddled with crazy vegetables mutated by pollution and chemicals. Keep your family healthy choosing only the best veggies. A smart puzzle that goes beyond match-3 and is as easy to pick up and play.

How would you keep your family safe and healthy with all those bad vegetables in the farms? That’s it! Grow your own organic vegetables and become the greatest farmer ever.

Best Veggies is a reinterpretation of the classic Minesweeper, now a puzzle for the whole family, accessible for our modern lifestyle and beloved Android devices.

More information on Best Veggies game is available here.

Team Credits

Nicolas Ibanez

Carlos Cornejo

Jose Luis Gonzalez
Musician and Sound Designer

Alejo Acevedo
Game Designer

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