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Best Veggies Team
Based in Bristol (UK), Galicia and Seville (Spain)

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23 October, 2015



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Become an organic farmer and harvest fields riddled with crazy vegetables mutated by pollution and chemicals. Keep your family healthy choosing only the best veggies. A smart puzzle that goes beyond match-3 and is as easy to pick up and play.

How would you keep your family safe and healthy with all those bad vegetables in the farms? That’s it! Grow your own organic vegetables and become the greatest farmer ever.

Best Veggies is a reinterpretation of the classic Minesweeper, now a puzzle for the whole family, accessible for our modern lifestyle and beloved Android devices.

Scan the crops to find where the bad vegetables are hiding. If you tap on a bad veggie, it's harvest over! Collect your earnings and receive your reward. Kids will love watching the crazy veggies stomp on your crops with their funny voices, even when it’s not good for your farm!

How can I play with my friends?

We recommend bragging about your gold medals while having a cup of tea or coffee together, sharing the smarter strategies to harvest each field. If you want to see a specific social feature in the game, get in contact and tell us.

When are you adding more levels?

We are a small team who put lots of love and effort into the game. You give us all that love back by playing new levels 100 times faster than we can make them. Thanks! (Short answer: about a couple of weeks).

Is the game meant to be played by kids?

It's meant to be played with kids, who may be around or looking at the game from time to time or tapping the screen with your directions. Even a smart 6-year-old can solve the puzzles by himself. It's all about having fun together. We'll love to read about your funny experiences enjoying Best Veggies with the family.

Will you answer my question?

Yes, as soon as we receive your comment at we'll get back to you in no time.

THANKS for playing! Make the world a better place. Be smart, forget about candy, get the best veggies!


  • Easy to learn puzzle game - You'll feel how you get better and better at your own pace.
  • Perfect for short breaks - Play with one hand, quick to get in and out with no time pressure.
  • Play as much as you want, anytime - There is always a field ready to harvest in your farm. Play it smart!
  • For all the family - Cute graphics, logic thinking and vegetables making funny noises.
  • A positive message - It celebrates the tastiness in nature without sugar or candies.


Best Veggies has been an amazing 4 month journey which started with the team meeting over Skype for the first time and is now about to end with the launch on October 23rd.

As it happens with some stories, we started writing it from the end, thinking about our desired end result. Setting goals, first personal, and then the ones focused on the project.

We were almost strangers to each other. We all had previous experience working on games. We kept it real: “Let’s try to make it quick, simple, and pretty, so we can test if we feel comfortable working together”. After working out preliminary dates, we were soon doing market research and choosing among different concepts.

As a first time team, we decided to work on a core mechanic that was already developed; we found Minesweeper to be the perfect candidate, with a mix of familiarity and novelty to it. This approach allowed us to prototype and test our modifications quickly, which in turn meant we could spend more time polishing the game.

We weren’t expecting the game to be a hit, especially with no one on the team focused on business or marketing. We just wanted the market reality to guide most of our decisions. Therefore, we decided to enter a market with high competition, by making a free 2 play game for mobile platforms. We decided to target the game at mums, mostly because there is a lot of information available on that segment and there are plenty of other games to use as a reference in terms of marketing and monetization.

Almost all of the casual games out there are match-3 games and bubble shooters, with lots of sugar and candy. We wanted to make a game with a bit more of a challenge, but still easy to learn and play in short sessions. After some research we decided on a different premise, farms and family, and started to create an eco-friendly theme for Best Veggies. Eventually, we have developed these ideas further as a concept, making them more personal and aligned with our own values; this is something we weren’t even considering to do when we started working together.

In all, we have enjoyed creating a world around these crazy looking mutant vegetables. Even if chemical farming is a serious topic, we think it is still good to show it from a light hearted perspective.

In the end, it is our duty as entertainers to not forget our role in Education. Instead of normalizing bad habits and stereotypes, in our game the healthy choice is the winning condition. If we manage to send this message through, we’ll have surpassed our own goals.

We hope that you enjoy playing Best Veggies as much as we enjoyed making it!


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About Best Veggies Team

We're the friends behind the game Best Veggies. We all have previous experience in game making and this is our first collaboration together.

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More information on Best Veggies Team is available here.

Best Veggies Credits

Nicolas Ibanez

Carlos Cornejo

Jose Luis Gonzalez
Musician and Sound Designer

Alejo Acevedo
Game Designer

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